American Board of Dental Examiners, Inc. (ADEX)

A test development agency serving its member state dental boards in developing valid and reliable initial licensure examinations for dentistry and dental hygiene professionals.

ADEX Approves Use of CompeDont(™) in Dental Examination

ADEX Brings Consistency

Dentistry is no different in one part of the country than another. There should be no difference in the standards of dentistry from one part of the country to another.
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ADEX Brings Unity

ADEX is dedicated to developing a uniform national dental and dental hygiene clinical licensure examination for the sole use by States Boards of Dentistry.

ADEX Brings Portability

With uniform standards and qualifications, a properly licensed dentist or a dental hygienist should be able to practice in any state of the country.

“The Mission of ADEX is to develop clinical licensure exams for dental professionals.