ADEX™ Approves Use of CompeDont™ In Dental Clinical Licensure Examination

2020 ADEX™ Press Release
For Release: April 6, 2020
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — The American Board of Dental Examiners, ADEX™, has approved the use and offering of the CompeDont™, the simulated tooth developed as an alternative option in the dental licensure examination restorative challenge.  The CompeDont™, produced with support from The Commission on Dental Competency Assessments, will be used in the anterior and posterior preparation and restoration sections of the ADEX dental clinical licensure examination.  This will offer dental licensure boards/agencies the choice to accept this non-patient involved professional proficiency demonstration or continue to accept the patient required participation.   

“While pursuit of the development of this simulated tooth by CDCA for use in dental skills assessment began several years ago, current conditions in delivery of dental education, dental treatment, and independent dental skills evaluation impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, lend itself to the right time now to offer the CompeDont™.  With the addition of the CompeDont™ to the ADEX™ dental testing repertoire, licensure boards and agencies now have a necessary skills and judgment demonstration for licensure which is not patient based,” said ADEX President William G. Pappas, D.D.S.  “ADEX™ has taken another bold step in pursuing its mission of providing a uniform national dental examination for licensure, by approving and offering both patient and non-patient demonstration options, if desired by licensing boards, to evaluate the candidates’ ability to utilize their dental knowledge in providing clinically acceptable restorative care,” added Guy Shampaine, D.D.S., former CEO of ADEX™ and longtime advocate for a uniform national examination in dentistry and the leader of the team at CDCA pursuing the development of the CompeDont™.

 The manufacturing of the simulated tooth at full production will begin as soon as feasible once current COVID-19 restrictions are eased; and will be deployed by the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments (CDCA) possibly during the upcoming summer session of examination administration.   As always, it will be at the discretion of state licensing boards/agencies whether to accept this additional offering in testing modality. 

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